About Mike

About me?? I am Mike Loftus, a very eccentric 30-something with a couple of stories to tell. I live in the suburbs of Rochester, NY with my wife, Vanessa, our son Gabriel and our cat Bella.

I am unnaturally obsessed with Board Games and Video Games. I like to run and sail, but I have no boat as of yet. Boats are expensive… and they take up a lot of room… or you pay even MORE to store them somewhere. But I would like to get a boat sometime so I can get out there again. I used to race on Cazenovia lake in a summer sailing program that as I look back was one of the most fun things I’ve done in my life. I really like to hike and camp too. When I say camp I really mean rough-it: tent, minimal but tasty food, camera, multi-tool and a good knife. I don’t get to camp or hike nearly as often as I want, and my best friend Dave (or Biff) is the reason I like to camp so much. If it wasn’t for my Dad and Dave, I would probably be an even fatter pasty-white person. ;P

I am currently employed at L-3 GCS in Victor NY as a Network Engineer (woo-woo!) not the train kind, I fix contemporary office equipment. I keep the servers running, email flowing, cell phones ringing and all the office “grease” that you don’t think about until the power goes out. (The servers and PC’s stay on here for about 10min since we use a lot of battery backups) :) I love my job and the people I work with are awesome. I recently got my CCNA and it was a really challenging/rewarding experience. I also recently got my VCP as well.

I have my old blog (not sure what to do with it yet) but it has a lot of fun musings and broken links (which shows you how old it is ;)

Anyway… yeah that’s me in a nutshell.

Right now I’m biting my tongue to not start quoting Austin Powers.