My Funny Valentine

February 7, 2013 at 10:31 pm

The teacher at Gabriel’s gym class gave out little Valentine notes to all the kids today — Gabriel got an envelope embellished with aliens, pirates and smiley faces. Inside she had written a sweet personalized note to each child (Psycho mom that I am, I checked one of the other kids’ notes, and they were different!) It read:

Dear Gabriel,
This Valentines Day I love…
…your happy face!
…your fun ideas!
…your high fives!
Thank you for coming to gym class. :)
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Miss Candice

Gabriel was so excited he ran around saying “I’ve got mail!” Later we stopped at my Mom’s who gave him another card to put in his envelope. When we finally got home, I swear, he played with the cards and envelope for 20 minutes. Of course, I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures while he played. Then at nap time, he insisted on bringing his “mail” up to bed with him! Too cute.