Why I Marched Today

May 25, 2013 at 11:09 pm

Today I participated in the March Against Monsanto. I joined over 2 million people from 436 cities in 52 countries to stand up against these bio-tech monsters with their deep pockets and their corruption.

Given my recent crusade to personal wellness, I have a new and deep desire to help others in their journey to wellness, whatever that may be. In learning about my health and how it became so degraded, I learned that the foods I ate during high school and college most likely contributed to my illnesses. Which brings me to Monsanto and other big chemical companies. The introduction of GM foods into the US food supply began in 1994… My annoying health problems really became life-inhibiting problems shortly after that introduction: menstrual disorder, yeast, excess weight, dental problems… Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Being a poor college student who didn’t know any better, I lived on cheap, nutrient poor food as most of my friends did — food that was slowly poisoning me. Except I was too married to the traditional model of medicine to seek out any real help beyond a bandaid. Until now.

New, independent studies have come out proving that a genetically modified diet can have serious repercussions to the endocrine system, reproductive system as well as immune system. Shouldn’t a POSSIBILITY of risk for humans be enough to scare people away from GMOs?? Unfortunately too many people are relying on the FDA to regulate the safety of our food who claim that GMOs are perfectly safe. With former Monsanto executives holding public office, I can’t in good faith trust that institution with my health and well being. I could go on and on about the vices of Monsanto and these biochemical companies, but I think that there are others who say it much more eloquently than I. I simply can’t ignore the fact that more and more children have autism, severe allergies, hormone disorders and obesity than ever before… let alone my own health hurdles that pale in comparison.

Isn’t it time we stand up for ourselves and reclaim the health that is rightfully ours? I try to by voting with my dollars. I won’t let GM food pass my lips if I can help it. So that’s why I  marched today: FOR HEALTH — yours and mine and health of our children.