While I Await Labor

July 13, 2010 at 11:18 pm

Please allow me this time to engage in some self-indulgent blather. After months of wearing nothing but elastic-waist pants, tent tops and generally unflattering garb, I have had it. And let’s not forget the fact that I have been unable to put on normal shoes for the past three weeks — damn this sweltering sauna-like weather! My poor sausage toes can’t tolerate anything much more than cheap flip-flops. Plus, it’s been MONTHS since I stepped […]

New Job, New Shoes

November 30, 2009 at 6:17 pm

I hope all my US friends had a fantastic Thanksgiving; there’s really so much to be thankful for! And now, back to our regular programming. I realize I’ve been slightly absent here lately, and I’m sorry! Several things are the cause. 1. I just haven’t been feeling myself: sort of sick, sort of grumpy. So the last thing I want to do is bore you with my complaining. That gets old quite quickly. You may […]

Rear Window Fashion

November 10, 2009 at 12:05 am

One of the movies on our Netflix queue was the original Alfred Hitchcock “Rear Window.” We finally got around to watching it this weekend, and loved it – 4 stars out of 5! Hitchcock was the suspense story-telling master! But one of the pleasant surprises for me was the costume design. Grace Kelly was a gem on-screen with her high couture wardrobe: sumptuous fabrics and beautiful mid-century design! I just kept staring at her outfits […]

Out of Character

January 15, 2009 at 4:59 pm

Recently, I discovered a few blogs that quickly moved to the top of my blogroll. I stumbled across one of them by accident a couple of months ago, but they now give me infinite inspiration. They’re fashion blogs by some truly fabulous women (check out the Fashion links in the side navigation). For some reason I never considered the web an outlet for my wardrobe creativity, but these women have created an online community for […]

Suffering for Beauty

May 17, 2007 at 3:53 pm

I bought an exorbitantly pricey pair of shoes online: glamorous and chic, and best of all YELLOW! I rationalized that I needed them for my vacation — for all the dress-up dinners we were going to, of course. I waited anxiously for them to arrive, and when they finally came, I rushed home to put them on. I should have listened to the voices in my head screaming, “You git, you know how picky you […]